ALARAmeet Brisbane attendeesALARA MEET 2017 - where Australian and overseas Lady Amateur (Ham) Radio Operators get together every 3 years to meet in person, having communicated over the airwaves for years

ALARAmeet is once in 3 year event to meet other YLs of our organisation and other Amateur Radio Operators in person..

ALARAmeet 2017 was held on Friday Sept 8th to Monday Sept 11th 2017
in Tropical Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Below is a Slideshow of ALARAMEET 2017 with some images from the weekend.
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  • Welcome to ALARAMEET 2017!
  • Beautiful Sunny Cairns, Far North Queensland...
  • Our Venue - Cairns Colonial Club Resort & Conference Centre...
  • June VK4SJ, Lyn VK4SWE & Dot VK2DB have found the best room!
  • Jenny VK3WQ considers a career as a Flight Nurse with the RFDS...
  • ABC Radio interview with Tina VK5TMC, Lyndall VK4ZM & Shirley VK5YL
  • Attendees line up at the Registration for their Goody Bags!
  • ALARA Committee all together for an "Eyeball QSO!"
  • Bletchley Girls Dot VK2DB, Jen VK3WQ with Martyn VK4FMJR's Vintage Radio Display
  • Members Awards Table
  • Lyn VK4SWE & Lyndall VK4ZM's Morse Key Display
  • Margaret ZL3YF polishing Lyn's brass Louis Olsen morse key
  • ALARAMEET crowd Meet & Greet
  • History Display Table with lots of books and photos
  • Bev VK6DE with her gorgeous handmade glass jewellery
  • Shirley VK5YL demonstrating lacemaking to Jean VK3VIP
  • Some of our Members' intricate lace work
  • Some members' QSL cards
  • Diane VK4DI & Kaye VK7QP gave Demos on Computer Logging...
  • Shirley VK5YL running an international Echolink Net with 43 checkins from 5 countries!
  • Lyn VK4SWE with fellow TREC clubmember Dale VK4DMC
  • Lyndall VK4ZM explaining how Foxhunting with ARDF antennas works
  • And they're off! The Foxhunt gets underway!
  • ALARAMEET organisers Diane VK4DI, Lyn VK4SWE & Lyndall VK4ZM
  • Irish Night Dinner with lots of Leprechauns!
  • John Carr & Friends = Cassie on vocals, Lyn VK4SWE on Bodhran (Irish drum)
  • Our trusty Shuttle Busman Don got us safely to & fro'
  • Kuranda Scenic Train ride to the top of the Range
  • Skyrail Cableway seen from the train
  • Our coach at Lake Barrine teahouse
  • Jenny VK3WQ & Peter VK3RV enojoying Lake Barrine scones!
  • Beautiful Lake Barrine, one of the many Volcanic lakes on the Tablelands
  • Lots of Sugar Cane is grown on the Tablelands
  • One of the many waterfalls in the area = Malanda Falls
  • Ron VK4EMF giving a talk on historic radio station exhibit XQA
  • XQA - first Amateur station licensed in Queensland
  • One of the many displays at Mareeba Heritage Centre
  • Christine VK5CTY, Tina VK5TMC, Lyn VK4SWE, Shirley VK5TMC & Marilyn VK5DMS about to go maritime mobile!
  • ALARA maritime mobile team!
  • Gala Dinner Pirates galore...
  • Yummy food...
  • Pirate Duel twixt John VK2ZOI & Peter VK3RV
  • Pat VK3OZ walks the plank to collect her Mars Bar Award from David VK2DB
  • Lyndall VK4ZM awards the winning Vixens Diane VK4DI, Margaret ZL3YF & Alizah VK4FOXE
  • President Shirley VK5YL awards Life Membership to Jen VK3WQ & Dot VK2DB
  • Pirate Treasure Chests handmade by Di VK4DI
  • Tina VK5TMC lining everyone up for group photos
  • ALARAMEET attendees 2017
  • Farewell from ALARAMEET 2017...