Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Association (ALARA) was formed in 1975

The membership has now grown to over 200, with many Australian members sponsoring overseas YLs into ALARA. The term “YL” stands for “young lady” – regardless of age.
The Associations mission is to encourage women’s interest and active participation in amateur radio.

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cartoon of ham radio girl at night

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The contest will take place on February 25th and this will be the first edition.
We have added a special category to encourage YL contest activity.
Here is the link to our competition:
Best regards. Marina LU1VYL (YL from Argentina)


We are a great group of Radio Amateurs who lead Argentine institutions with the firm path of always enriching technical and operational knowledge. Our objective is to encourage the continuous training of amateurs in competition so that over the years they can optimize their operation and stations. We invite all radio amateurs around the world to participate in the World Wide PATAGONIA DX Contest , hoping for a pleasant, equitable event that allows optimizing the skills and stations of the contestants. We hope to have your participation in this first edition, celebrating the reunion year after year in the bands. We are waiting for you!

DATE: 02/25/2024
STARTS: From: 00:00 a.m. UTC at 11:59 p.m. UTC
AIM: Let radio amateurs from around the world contact us in a contest using their skills in a weekend of lots of fun.
BANDS: 3.5; 7, 14, 21 and 28 MHz. Respecting the international amateur band plan.
EXCHANGE: In each communication, the correspondents must exchange RS(T) and a fixed series corresponding to their abbreviated GRID LOCATOR:
The score generated by each QSO will be equal to the number of km that exist between the Grid Locators of the stations participating in the COMMUNICATION. QSOs are scored only once per band. MULTIPLIERS:
The FIRST QSO for each band with each Grid Locator will be multipliers. The Grid Locator itself is not computed as a multiplier.
The correspondent's distinctive signal, the series received, and the UTC time must coincide on the participant's goat with a tolerance of 3 minutes.
Any eligible participant may enter one of the categories shown below by adding the appropriate CATEGORY-OVERLAY line to the Cabrillo log file header.
Stations that use this subcategory will be classified within the general results in their category.
NEW OPERATOR (ROOKIE): This is the operator who obtained his first license as a radio amateur less than three (3) years before the date of the contest.
Enter the date of the first license in the SOAPBOX field.
LADIES OPERATOR (YL): Only female operators will be able to participate in this category, and they will compete against each other for a certificate, regardless of the country or continent.
Remote receivers are NOT permitted outside the station location.
All logs must be submitted WITHIN SEVEN (7) DAYS after the contest ends: logs no later than 23:59 UTC on March 3, 2024. Log submissions made after the deadline will not be considered. consider.
Any query, suggestion or request for clarification can be made by Email:

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Results of the ALARA CONTEST 2023 have been officially announced and although everyone is a winner just for taking part in this fun and relaxed contest, we did have some serious competitors with some serious big scores!
Congratulations to Catherine Hammond VK7C for taking out the Top Scoring Australian YL Trophy and congratulations also to Alisha Ashley VK2FASH for taking out the Top Scoring Foundation License ALARA Member Trophy. Well done ladies!
Check out the full list of winners (and past contest winners), on our Contest Page:

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ALARAmeet 2023 Tasmania

ALARAmeet is a once in every three years event. It is an opportunity to meet other YLs of our organisation and other Amateur Radio Operators in person, having communicated over the airwaves for years.

Tasmanian city view        

ALARAmeet 2023 took place on November 4-5 in Hobart Tasmania.

Visit our ALARAmeet page for a Slideshow of some of the highlights of this event. Thanks to everyone who helped to make this event such a success, we look forward to seeing you all at the next one!
Click here:  

33 de Linda VK7QP

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Want to find out more about the ladies you hear chatting on air? ALARA members hail from all over Australia, and we also have our sponsored DX members scattered around the world. Our members vary in age from schoolgirls to retirees; we have varied backgrounds and careers, along with our families and other hobbies and interests. You can read about some of our members on these pages and learn a little about their background to discuss next time you meet them on air!
Click here:  

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ALARA is now able to offer a limited number of grants to any female applying for a Foundation Licence or upgrading to a Standard or Advanced Amateur Radio Licence. The grant is equal to approximately half the cost of the fees for assessment, licence and callsign. In addition, we would provide a complimentary membership to ALARA for one year.

Estimated costs to gain a licence are:

Assessment Licence
Foundation licence $90 $80 initial licence
Standard licence $90 Theory and $90 Regulations $80 initial licence
Advanced licence $90 Theory and $90 Regulations $80 initial licence

ALARA will cover the cost as follows:

Foundation Licence Standard/Advanced
Half cost of assessment $45 Half cost of assessment $90
Half cost of licence $40 Half cost of licence $40
Callsign $25 Callsign $25
Total $110 Total $155

Terms and conditions:
Any female applying for a Foundation licence or upgrading to a Standard or Advanced Amateur Radio licence may apply for a grant.
The grant will be paid on completion of your qualification. To receive your grant, please keep your receipts and any certificates or other documentation to show that you have undertaken the steps towards gaining your licence.
The grant is valid for 12 months from the date of approval by the ALARA Committee.
Provide any documentation to the Secretary, ALARA, once you have achieved your licence and your grant will be paid.
If you have not completed all the steps within the time limit, please provide the documentation for what you have achieved, and a proportion of the grant will be paid accordingly. Consideration will be given to extending the term of the grant if requested.

Secretary, ALARA. P.O. Box 78, O’Halloran Hill, S.A. 5158

To download an Application Form for the Grant:  

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Net Day Time Frequency
Official ALARA Net First & Third Mondays.
Second, Fourth, (& Fifth when it occurs) Mondays.
1030 UTC (1000 UTC during daylight saving)

1030 UTC (1000 UTC during daylight saving)

Birthday Net 4th Saturday in July 1000-1200 UTC 3.635
ANZA DX Net Daily, with Thursdays currently being 'Ladies Day' 0515 UTC. List Operation, give your call to Net Control and stand by for your turn on the list. 14.183

Office Bearers and Contacts

Need to get in touch? Contact details for the Publicity Officer, Office Bearers and State Representatives.


There are a range of membership options for joining ALARA or receiving the ALARA newsletter. You can even sponsor overseas friends into ALARA and become a member of a DX association in return.


ALARAmeet is a wonderful way to meet other YLs of our organisation and their OMs are welcome too. Up to 80 people attend our meets now and YLs have come from England, Sweden, America, Germany and New Zealand.


The ALARA award is available to YLs, OMs and SWLs contacting ALARA members on or after 30th June 1975. All licensed operators throughout the world are invited to participate.

For real-time news and updates on what is happening or who is on air..... link to facebook page