Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Association (ALARA) was formed in 1975

The membership has now grown to over 200, with many Australian members sponsoring overseas YLs into ALARA. The term “YL” stands for “young lady” – regardless of age.
The Associations mission is to encourage women’s interest and active participation in amateur radio.


The 37th ALARA Contest takes place next weekend August 26-27.
Our preferred logging software is VKCL which has incorporated ALARA contest info and makes it super-easy to use. If you are new to computer logging please give this one a try, and if you have any issues, just contact our Contest Manager who will talk you through it. (See Contacts Page for her email address)
A New Version of VKCL is now out: Please check you have the latest version (4.2.0)    


ALARA MEET 2017 - is where Australian and overseas Lady Amateur (Ham) Radio Operators get together with other Amateur Radio Operators every 3 years to meet in person, having communicated over the airwaves foryears.

We have a fun program for everyone, with a mix of amateur radio and local tourism themes. From the Rainforest to the Reef, it seems all the local tourist operators use some form of radio communication in order to engage with the rest of the world. This is what we do too!

So join us in Cairns in September 8th to Monday Sept 11th 2017 and see how Amateur Radio enables us to communicate with the World! The full cost for the weekend is AUD$500. This covers all meals from Friday to Sunday, Convention events on Saturday, Train or Skyrail plus Bus Tour of the Tablelands Sunday, 3 dinners including the Gala Dinner on Sunday night. Drinks are NOT included. Accommodation and travel to/from Cairns is not included.

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36th ALARA Contest Results
The 36th ALARA Contest was held August 2016.
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ALARA 40th Birthday Celebration - 25 July 2015

The Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Association held their 40th Birthday Celebration Lunch in Melbourne.
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Net Day Time Frequency
Official ALARA Mondays 1030 UTC (1000 UTC during daylight saving) 3.570
YL 222 DX Monday 0530 UTC 14.222
YL Activity Day 6th of each month Listen on the hour and call "CQ YL" 14.288, 21.188 or 28.588
Birthday Net 4th Saturday in July 1000-1200 UTC 3.570

Office Bearers and Contacts

Need to get in touch? Contact details for the Publicity Officer, Office Bearers and State Representatives.


There are a range of membership options for joining ALARA or receiving the ALARA newsletter. You can even sponsor overseas friends into ALARA and become a member of a DX association in return.


ALARAmeet is a wonderful way to meet other YLs of our organisation and their OMs are welcome too. Approximately 80 people attend our meets now and YLs have come from England, Sweden, America, Germany and a big group from New Zealand.


The ALARA award is available to YLs, OMs and SWLs contacting ALARA members on or after 30th June 1975. All licensed operators throughout the world are invited to participate.