This year was much more successful, both from the conditions and the numbers taking part. Even then there are a number of members and OMs who appear in the logs, but who never sent in their own log. It really doesn’t matter how small the log is – PLEASE send them in, as every one counts towards making the Contest even more successful.

This year, as the requirement for CW has been removed, the Florence McKenzie trophy has been retired from the Contest. However working CW in the Contest still counts for double points, so it can be very worthwhile.

As always it was great to hear the OMs giving the girls points, and congratulations go to Peter VK3DI for a magnificent score. Conditions between New Zealand and Australia were just not favourable this time, so Bev ZL1OS must be commended for her effort. Better luck next year ZL girls!

Gwen VK3DYL is our most consistent and successful Contest entrant, and again has made an excellent score. Another great win, Gwen.

Shirley VK5JSH must also be commended for a first time entry and an excellent score.

There could be some changes in the Contest rules for 2005, so be sure to check in the ALARA Newsletter or AR to make sure of the correct procedure.

The 25th Contest will be held on the weekend of August 27/28, 2005, so make sure that date is in YOUR diary. I will look forward to hearing everybody in next year’s Contest, if not before.

33, Marilyn VK3DMS

YL / Callsign Result Notes
Gwen VK3DYL 562 Top score overall, Top VK YL, Top phone, Top VK3 member
Shirley VK5JSH 249 Top VK5 member
Judy VK3AGC 208  
Peter VK3DI 200 Top VK OM
Robyn VK3WX 142  
Marilyn VK3DMS 114 (CHECK LOG)
John VK3MGZ 110  
Christine VK5CTY 109  
Bev ZL1OS 106 Top ZL member
Elizabeth VE7YL 84 Top VE member
Bron VK3DYF 78  
Pat VK3OZ 73  
Dot VK2DB 68 Top VK2 member
Margaret VK4AOE 56 Top VK4 member
Ralph VK2IRP 45  
Chris VK2LCD 39  
Minnie VE3DBQ 28  
Alan VK8AV 15  
VK ALARA members 10 (Includes 1 check log)
VK Oms 5  
DX ALARA members 3  
Total logs 18