This year was a wonderful success – the conditions were much more favourable, and the inclusion of the triple points to celebrate ALARA’s 30th anniversary proved very popular. It was a pity that there were not more of the ‘oldies’ on air, but for those who were it was great fun.

Some of the comments received: "It must be the most leisurely contest on the calendar"…"Thanks for a great friendly contest"…"It was indeed a pleasure participating in the contest"… and all these comments came from OMs!

Its great to know that our efforts are appreciated by so many, and yes we do set out to make it as friendly as we can.

However there was at least one log which plainly showed that very little notice was taken of the ‘oldies’ telling of their bonus points as the scoring was all over the place. However the score was adjusted so that it read correctly! Some Contest Managers are kindly!

Rosanne VK7NAW must be congratulated for a great score on her very first contest.

Chris VK2LCD, our winning OM, certainly had a much better contest this year, and it is a pleasure to note his top score.

I would like to especially congratulate Rosa VK2HOP, who was very newly on air, and I think had a wonderful time. By the time she reads this she will be a member of ALARA, and we welcome her.

I think the lack of DX members on air this year may have something to do with the closeness of the contest to the ALARAmeet, which was only two weeks later. Many of the girls were busy with travel plans, for which we can forgive them.

There will of necessity, due to the changes in licensing, be some alterations in the rules for the 2006 contest, so make sure that you check these beforehand. The 2006 contest will be held on August 26/27, so hopefully we will all meet there again along with some of the newcomers to the bands.

33, Marilyn VK3DMS

YL Callsign Result Notes
Rosanne VK7NAW 528 Top overall, Top novice, Top phone, Top VK7 member
Marilyn VK3DMS 380 CHECK LOG
Chris VK2LCD 294 Top VK OM
Pat VK3OZ 291 Top VK3 member
Celia ZL1ALK 263 Top DX member, Top ZL member
Gerald VK2HBG 249  
Susan VK7LUV 235  
Dot VK2DB 231 Top VK2 member
Margaret VK4AOE 204 Top VK4 member
Christine VK5CTY 195 Top VK5 member
Shirley VK5JSH 164  
Mike VK3AVV 164  
Jenny VK5ANW 160  
Gwen VK3DYL 154  
Kathy VK3XBA 142  
Alan VK8AV 135  
Bron VK3DYF 121  
Peter VK2ZPT 114  
Robyn VK3WX 103  
Barry VK5BQ 80  
Alan VK7JAB 80  
Ian VK3JS 70  
Colwyn VK5UE 70  
Mavis VK3KS 68 Top VK YL CW
Rosa VK2HOP 57 Top YL non-member
Steve VK5AIM 40  
Elizabeth VE7YL 35 Top VE member
Muriel VK3KNM/2ndop. 32  
Lesley VK5HLS 24  
Lyn VK4SWE 24  
Ray VK3HSR 20  
Rod VK2DAY 15  
ALARA members 19 (DX members 2)
YL non-members 1  
Oms 12  
Total Logs 32